Update worn out parts of your home.

This can be anything from paint and wallpaper to a complete kitchen and bath remodel. Check with your realtor first, but with larger remodels like retaining walls and kitchen or bathrooms, the home value gained may be greater than the cost of the remodel.

On larger projects, request multiple bids.

I recently replaced retaining walls at my home, which will increase its value. The first bid shocked me. My wife recommended I get another bid and once more I found that my wife is wiser than I! By the time we had gotten 4 bids, we found the right contractor (and for significantly less than the first bid). My home will be worth more and I saved money.

When necessary, find the right contractor.

There is no one-solution-fits-all here. If you know a contractor you trust or if you’ve been given a recommendation, add the name to your list. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. Ask the hard questions: Are you insured? Will you arrive at the scheduled time? How will we communicate? You are in control. Even if you know little about the job, hold the contractor accountable to promises, bids, and by all means the quality of work.

Take care of minor problems to eliminate future problems.

Resolving minor problems can often mitigate larger problems. Plumbing and basement water issues can be annoying and can create bigger problems. Electrical problems can be safety issues, yet are often tolerated. Deal with the issue when it comes up and you will minimize future issues and maintain safety. Remember: your home’s value will continue to increase if you maintain it properly.

Have your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) systems serviced annually.

This is as much about value as it is about reliability. Your heating and cooling systems will be more efficient and you will catch potential problems before they arise. And don’t forget- change your furnace filter every 3 months.

Reach out to me at any time concerning home maintenance. If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find it for you. I love real estate and I love people, so if I can help you maintain the value of your home, it’s a win-win.