Committed to Integrity, Community & Client Satisfaction

Our team is as personalized as you are. Hand- selected and working as a team, rather than individual agents, we know you’ll be satisfied.

As they say, numbers don’t lie: 13 years of experience in Real Estate + 30 years experience in home renovations = your ticket to success. Whether you’re selling your home for more or buying a home with a vision for remodeling, our team at Inspirational Realty really is who you need backing you.

We hand-picked our agents. Consequently, we know that each will be serving clients to our standards. By expecting excellence and creating an environment of encouragement, cooperation and client focused work, we believe that without a doubt our team will have the best client services in the Cedar Rapids area. If you’re buying or selling we have what it takes and the passion to serve you.

Derek Irwin
Derek IrwinBroker/Owner
“My passion is merging artistry and practical improvements for my clients. I love knowing I did my best for them and in return they get a bigger check at closing.”
Kyle Rogers
Kyle RogersAgent
“I followed my passion for service and found myself in Real Estate. I wake up each morning knowing I’m going to work with great people and it really drives me to serve clients with more than I thought possible.”
Steve Irwin
Steve IrwinAgent
“When I see a project completed that really has the ‘Wow factor’, I know I’ve done my job well. I thrive on seeing client’s dreams become reality.”
Daniel Sanford
Daniel SanfordAgent
“As a proud member of this team, I am committed to serving my clients with competence, character and courtesy. Service is at the heart of my two vocations – minister and realtor – both of which I strive to perform as faithfully working unto others and unto the Lord.”
Cassi Irwin
Cassi IrwinOwner/Agent
“My goal is to keep the relationship between agent and brokerage running smoothly. Whether I’m processing paperwork or helping clients directly, there’s a pride that accompanies my work. I can’t imagine putting my efforts anywhere else.”
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Not sure where to start on your home buying or selling journey? We can help with that. Our focus is strengthening our community by giving back and serving others. In short, contact our team and get started today. 

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