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You know how there are two sides to every story? This one is no exception. Flash back to the 1990’s. Denim was big, grunge was bigger and Derek Irwin was in high school, working on home renovation projects with his dad, Steve. Fast forward to 2008, Derek began classes to become a Realtor. He worked two jobs and slowly transitioned into full time real estate work with Iowa Realty. Not much has changed in the last 12 years. He may have a wife, 5 kids and his own brokerage, but Derek is still in real estate and home renovations (and still loving it). When switching to his own real estate brokerage in 2019, he knew hard work, dedication and a knack for seeing potential in every home would grow bigger than he could handle himself. Cedar Rapids was looking for a one-stop-shop Realtor and instead of one, he delivered three! Steve, Kyle and Cassi joined the team and we’ve never looked back!

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